Welcome to the KMS 2019/2020 Virtual Art Show! Enjoy.

Hello, I am so glad you have come to celebrate and appreciate what our artist have worked on all year!

Art I: These classes met for half a year and focused on elements of art, critique work, and learned how to use their materials in the best ways to be able to express ideas and subjects.

Art II:  These students have been in art for (most of) the year. They have shown endless dedication and a high level of work ethic. During our painting assignments I would often look around to see everyone focused and painting - it was beautiful! My Art II classes focused on artistic movements and styles and how to put content and personal style into work.  I am grateful for having these amazing artists!

Tip:  As you are looking over the images to see a description of the lesson or to see who has created the artwork. If you click on the image it will enlarge the artwork to a complete image.

Questions, comments, concerns email Ms. Katz at katzjh@gm.sbac.edu. Thank you!

The background for the website pages are artworks by Mark Rothko.

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